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Outback - Indigo

The Outback is designed for those looking for more speed and power on their paddling trips.  The High Angle blade design of the Outback is an aggressive shape that will accelerate any kayak with speed.  The High Angle kayak stroke is more vertical in execution and performed closer to the kayak than a low angle design.  The Outback blade is wider and shorter than low angle blades and is designed to catch more water with each stroke.  The all carbon shaft partnered with our Advantage Grip Technology will push you to keep going with ease on your next expedition.  The Outback is available in lengths from 200cm to 240cm.

  • Mid-size High Angle Blade Design
  • Tri-Axial Translucent Fiberglass Blade Construction
  • Advantage Grip Technology
  • Kingpin connection system 




Shaft Material  Carbon
Blade Material Tri-Axial Fiberglass
Blade Size 95 sq. in. (613 sq. cm.)
Weight 29.75oz (843g)


Outback - Indigo
Outback - Indigo