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Wahoo Kids SUP - Accent Paddles


The Wahoo is an ultra light adjustable kids SUP paddle. It has a lightweight smooth carbon shaft for exceptional control and comfort. The smaller ergonomic grip makes it easy for any hand to hold onto. The blades are made of a tough injection molded nylon material. The Wahoo also adjusts from 58" to 68" to fit many kids in the family and can grow as they grow. The slender blade design makes it very easy to pull through the water. The Wahoo will keep your kids on the water longer.


Paddle Specifications

Adjustment Push Button 10"
Blade Material Fiberglass Nylon
Shaft Material Carbon
Surface Area 93sq in (600sq cm)
Blade Angle
8 degrees
Weight 25oz (709g)
Wahoo Kids SUP - Accent Paddles