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Passage - Indigo

From its awe-inspiring look to its hand-crafted construction, the Accent Passage is designed for the discerning paddler looking for a paddle that checks all the boxes.  The Passage has our most popular low angle blade design.  This paddle provides ample power for any paddler while maintaining a high ease of use factor.  The dihedral angle of the blade design promotes a balanced, controlled, and efficient forward stroke.  The all carbon shaft provides the highest strength to weight ratio in the industry.  Our Advantage Grip Technology sets a new standard for comfort, ergonomics, and performance.  The Passage is available in lengths from 210cm to 240cm.

  • Advantage Grip Technology
  • Tri-Axial Translucent Fiberglass Blade Construction
  • Mid-size low angle blade
  • Kingpin connection system 




Shaft Material  Carbon
Blade Material Tri-Axial Fiberglass
Blade Size 95 sq. in. (613 sq. cm.)
Weight 29.75oz (843g)


Passage - Indigo
Passage - Indigo